About Us

More About Our Mission as a Non-Profit

Our mission is to encourage, inspire, and assist people from all over the world with the writing of their auto-biographies and biographies of their loved ones, (regardless of race, creed, gender/gender identity, sexual orientation, political preference, or, if you have one, favorite philosophical school of thought), as well as to read and learn from each other’s life-stories, all in the hope of inspiring compassion, understanding, empathy, a sense of equality, and a respect for diversity.

We also offer biographies and memoirs for friends, lovers, small businesses (still in business or no longer doing business) and mini-biographies of our members’ favorite pets and animals, both past and present. In the near future, we also plan to offer biographies for families, as well.

Additionally, once we’ve obtained the necessary funding or have in our possession, a sufficient number of written bios in our library (whichever comes first), we plan to establish a publishing company so that after completing a biography we’ll be able to offer our members different publication options that will include printing, bounding, and distribution of not only physical books, but e-books, and audiobooks as well, preferably with our members as narrators. We then plan to translate our members’ biographies (with their expressed written permission) into different languages in order to sell them to the global community over our website and via social media for a small membership fee, with the majority of any royalties going back to our members and their families (we plan to take only a minor percentage to cover our costs).

We take pride in being a non-profit corporation, which means that all monies received will be used to further our mission for the main benefit of our members and the general public. As we continue to move forward with our journey, we hope that you, your friends, and family can offer us your support.


The B.I.O. isn’t just a book club, but also a literary movement to write and preserve the personal histories of as many people as humanly possible.

Your personal donation will help further our mission to ensure that everyone has the opportunity and right to tell their life story, as well as the life story of their loved ones.

Personal donations and membership support are part of the lifeline of any non-profit, and no donation could ever be too small or too big. Double your impact: donate and/or signup today, and literally help make history.

*All donations to The B.I.O. are tax-deductible