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1. Why should I write my autobiography?

Writing your autobiography can be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences in your life. Kierkegaard once said that life should be remembered backwards, but lived forward.

Reasons to write your autobiography:

  • Gain better perspective of your life’s current and previous chapters, while preparing you for the next chapter
  • Can help somebody else’s life story
  • Leave a very unique gift to your friends and family
  • In an age of great division and hate, you can help create a much needed sense of unity
  • Can achieve personal enlightenment
  • Can increase consciousness, awareness, and self-understanding, and better understanding of others

2. What if I don't want an entire autobiography written, can I just chronicle an important event or chapter in my life?

Yes, you can opt for a chronicle/memoir.

3. Why should I write a loved one’s biography?

Perhaps you have a friend or family member who is no longer with us, or who is unfortunately incapacitated in some way and would like to share your memories of this person life’s story. Writing the biography of a loved one is one of the greatest ways to honor a person’s memory.

4. What kind of membership plans do you offer?

We offer five different membership plans:

$8.99 for an individual autobiography or biography or memoir

Family plan membership packages (must have same last name, do not necessarily have to live together)
$12.99 for a family of two

$15.99 for a family of three

$18.99 for a family of four

$22.99 for family of five

5. How does it work?

Upon receipt of our monthly membership fee, we’ll email you a questionnaire to fill-out and email back to us. When we receive it, we’ll begin the writing process for you, based on the information you provided. We will then email you the opening page(s) of your book for you to review and to add more information based on additional questions.

Based on your answers, we will continue the writing process for you. This will hopefully begin a back-and-forth dialogue where we work on the project together.  We ask that our members submit a running draft, at least once a month, if not more, for our team of writers/editors to proofread, edit, leave questions, suggestions, and comments for our member’s consideration.

6. After I submit a draft of my book, how long before I get a newly revised draft back?

Depending on our current log of auto-biographies and biographies, as well as quantity of new content submitted for review, you can expect to get the newly revised draft back to you within, more or less, 72 hours.

7. What exactly do I get for my monthly membership fee?

You get an unlimited amount of submissions for review and revision of your autobiography and/or biography, or memoir per month, as well as ongoing support throughout the entire process until satisfactory completion, which will include emails, telephone and/or video conferences calls by appointment, as well as in-person appointments.