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Our Mission As a Non-Profit

To help people from all over the world write their auto-biographies, and the biographies of their loved ones. All in the hope of spreading compassion, understanding, empathy, and a sense of unity in diversity, all across the globe.

History of the Organization

The Biography International Organization has been years in the making. The idea for the foundation was originally conceived in 2010 by Edgar Bonilla. With the application process, at that particular time, taking up to 3 years, Edgar, a returning college student, concentrated on finishing school, but the idea for The B.I.O. was always on his mind. Now a graduate student in 2013, Edgar knew the charity needed legal representation, but the fees, as well as other startup costs, were much more than anticipated. In 2014, he concentrated on completing his thesis and resolved to finish saving the necessary funds for The B.I.O. After a couple of years of saving, along with the help of his family, in 2016 the non-profit was able to retain a law firm. In 2017, The B.I.O. officially became a tax-exempt non-profit organization.

About the Founder

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Edgar Bonilla is a philosopher working on his first book, tentatively entitled “Auto-Biographical Manifestations.” Extremely passionate about philosophy, history, and life, in general, Edgar is an enthusiast of all forms of artistic expression. Although mainly self-taught, he holds a B.A. in political science from National University and also wrote a master’s thesis concerning the applicability of historiographical theories to the auto-biography for his M.A. in history. He currently lives in the Inland Empire with his two children.

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To inspire, encourage, and assist people from all over the world with the writing of their auto-biographie.